American Gothic Catholic Church Design

Joseph Sibbel Sculpture


St. Patrick Cathedral, New York City
Architects:  James Renwick, Jr and William Rodrigue



        From the middle of the nineteenth century until nearly the middle of the twentieth century, America's skylines slowly gave rise to large steeples of Catholic churches, most of them built in the same style:  American Gothic Catholic Church design.  This style, which originated from the inspiration of the English architect, A. W. Pugin, in England and Ireland, reminded the American immigrant population of the grand churches of Europe where many of them worshipped in their youth.

          This website provides information about this style of ecclesiastical architecture, images of the churches built in this style, names and short biographical sketches of the architects who favored this style, and a blog that will provide insight into all of this with possible commentary about the present status of some of these beautiful historic Catholic churches.

Ecclesiastical Architects, Artists, and Artisans in America:  1860-1920

By Delma Tallerico

An alphabetical listing of architects, artists, and artisans in America from 1860-1920, with dozens of images of the churches, their interiors, murals, statuary, stained glass windows and altars.  

This book includes dates and locations of these churches. Biographical sketches of some of the people involved in the construction and design of these churches appear throughout the book.

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